The Multi-Fuels Processor

Numa altura tão séria e tão critica para todos, com a crise cada vez mais agravada dos combustíveis, ainda há grandes mentes no mundo capazes de encontrar soluções e alternativas, agora é só ter esperança que a luta continue e que os Lobbies não vençam:

The Multi-Fuels Processor of GEET is a new internationally patented technology (US005794601A1) whose inventor is Paul Pantone. This revolutionary system allows the common 4 strokes engines to run with a water/hydrocarbure mixture. It is able to use all types of fuels (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, crude oils and others derived from hydrocarbons...) with its endothermic plasma reactor.

The Multi-Fuels Processor allows also a significant reduction of pollution generated by the gaz exhaust of almost 85% compared to a conventional engine. Tests carried out by many industrialists and experimenters already showed that it is even possible to make function an engine equipped with this device with a mixture of hydrocarbons (20%) and water (80%)...

The device is composed of three principal parts:

  • The Intake/Exhaust connection systems,
  • The Endothermic Reactor (containing the magnetic rod and the pyrolytic chamber),
  • Bubbler.

The conventional carburettor and the muffler (and its catalytic system) are not necessary any more after installation of the device.

Pode consultar todo o artigo na página do seu projectista: http://jlnlabs.online.fr/bingofuel/pmcjlnen.htm

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